HAIFA HUMAID is the epitome of creativity and originality. She possesses an undying love for colors, materials, style, and comfort and brings her outstanding vision to life in her shoe collections. She is deeply aware of how shoes contribute to our overall profile, making us look as impressive and fashionable as we wish.
Combining this understanding with her unparalleled knowledge of materials, design complexities, and shoe-making principles, she produces footwear that stands distinguished worldwide.
HAIFA HUMAID specializes in high-end, high-heel shoes, ensuring that women everywhere get what they desire to put their best foot forward.
From the powerful businesses corporates to everyday divas readying to deliver red-carpet looks, HAIFA HUMAID promises a shoe that befits all your daily footwear needs!


HAIFA HUMAID Shoe collection features the finest quality and handpicked materials. Prioritizing quality and comfort and make no compromises in these regards whatsoever. Each design you see in HAIFA HUMAID collection is the outcome of my passion for style, exquisite designs, and premium quality materials.
HAIFA HUMAID shoe collections are a testimony of premium materials and authentic designs from my creative imagination. I pride myself on offering shoe designs that are a hundred percent original and not a replica of the common trends.
Every design that comes to life under my craftsmanship features a fusion of artistry, passion, futuristic vision, and a bit of technology.
I complete each piece with the precision of an accomplished artist; all finished to perfection with hand coloring. We promise our customers authenticity, originality, and uniqueness, as are the attributes of each heel you will find in the HAIFA HUMAID Shoe collection. If you are looking for a masterpiece that no other shoe brand will feature, you can trust to find it in my collection!


When it comes to the best shoes, nothing can beat an Italian-manufactured one.
No other manufacturing region can outdo Italy’s reputation, finish, and historical yet advanced shoe craftsmanship.
Therefore, you have all the more reasons to shop from HAIFA HUMAID collection since each of HAIFA HUMAID exquisite creations is manufactured in Italy.
In HAIFA HUMAID collection, you will find hand-crafted leather, premium quality and flawless stitching, outstanding durability, and natural adhesives.
Once we gain hold of leather tanning hides, we transform them into footwear jewels, lending my special artisan’s touch to each.
To ensure every customer receives the best quality, Italian-manufactured shoes from my brand, we project CAD tools to transform professional draws and drafts into footwear befitting royalty.
From the developmental phase to the process of manufacturing, we incorporate elaborate data, qualitative and hand-picked selection, and material testing to ensure the most flawless final product.
Only when I am confident that my team and I have achieved perfection, do we allow a prototype to become a part of our collection.


They say the right pair of shoes can make a woman conquer the world.
This mission, passion, and desire drive me to create only the best footwear for the beautiful and empowered women out there.
We combine forces with an expert Italian who undertakes the processes of creation and collection under my guidance and instructions.
Every pair of shoes in the HAIFA HUMAID Shoe collection promises solid innovation, distinctive accessories, and creative styles!